Wing Chun for Self-Defense
A practical, effective, fast-moving system of self-defense!

Wing Chun for Self-Defense

Wing Chun is a unique style of Kung Fu and a martial art whose purpose is a highly effective, practical and fast-moving system of self-defense.  It is especially effective in confined spaces such as an elevator, hallway, staircase or a crowded urban area.  

Wing Chun was designed to provide its practitioners the skills necessary to defend themselves against a larger, stronger attacker and to end a confrontation quickly.  It does not rely on “strength” or “muscle”  and it does not utilize traditional “blocks”.   Instead, Wing Chun uses reflexivity, tactile response, the body’s natural physics and the unique concept of simultaneous attack and defense.   

Wing Chun is not a collection of hundreds of techniques but a “system” that continually builds upon core concepts and principals that will be your foundation. As you progress through the system you will continue to “master the basics” and to build upon them and as you advance toward mastery of the system. Complete mastery of the system is a lifetime journey.   

Nashville Kung Fu teaches the internationally recognized Boehlig Defense System (BDS) version of Wing Chun Kung Fu known as “Wing Tsjun”.  The BDS system uses traditional Chinese Wing Chun as its foundation, but it has been refined and enhanced to make it more effective against modern styles of fighting.  

The BDS system has been taught and integrated into the training programs of law enforcement and military agencies in the United States and around the world.